UConn, N.C. State halftime

John F. Silver

NEW YORK — Shabazz Napier had five points in a win over New Hampshire. He had double that in less than five minutes of the first half against N.C. State.

Napier had 15 points first half points as the Huskies built and early 11  point lead but struggled to end the half shooting as N.C. State took a 32-31 lead into the break.

Despite the hot start from Napier, the Huskies shot 11 of 34 from the floor. Take out Napier’s 5 of 9 and it was 6 of 25 from the rest of the team. The Huskies are holding their own on the boards with a 20-17 edge. N.C. State is led by Lorenzo Brown, who has nine points in a balanced effort. N.C. State has nine assists on 13 baskets.

For the Huskies to come back and win they are going to have to get more inside, UConn has only six points in the paint in the  first half.