Pasqualoni: Little things hurting Huskies

John F. Silver

The number that bothers Paul Pasqualoni isn’t the 108th ranked offense or the 91st ranked team in the nation in sacks allowed.

If you want to find the reason UConn is 2-2, look no further than turnover margin. UConn is T-111, and it’s no surprise they are 2-2 losing the turnover battle to both NC State and Western Michigan.

UConn was -2 against WMU in turnover margin and that resulted directly in -10 points. UConn out-gained WMU 425-330, but couldn’t overcome turnovers.  That’s not surprising.

“If you are losing turnover battle, which we did (Saturday), you have to be awfully good to win games against a good opponent,” Pasqualoni said. “We had enough explosive plays, enough yardage, if someone said we would have more passing yards going in than Western Michigan, I wouldn’t believe it.”

There are also little things that are getting in UConn’s way. On a third and 9from the 30-yard line down 17-7 in third quarter, UConn gives up a 30-yard TD pass from Alex Carder to Josh Schaffer. UConn had Sio Moore and Andrew Adams there, but the pair didn’t use proper technique. It cost UConn, as the famous play did on the line. Attention to detail is UConn’s biggest problem.

“To me, it’s all about the  detail of preparation and being exact in what you do. You really got to take care of the little things,” Pasqualoni said.

The Huskies had” little” miscues all over the field. There were the two turnovers, the botched coverage on the Carder touchdown pass, several key drops and then a 49-yard field goal miss. All of that equals to a loss.

The Huskies’ goal on Saturday against Buffalo is to tighten up their play, they have had more to do with their losing than their opponents.


* Angelo Pruitt is now the starter at defensive end, replacing the injured Jesse Joseph. Pruitt, a sneaky move outside that wasn’t on the depth chart,  is there to help support the run game. Tim Willman and E.J. Norris will be the players in pass rush situations. The staff likes Pruitt’s the 6-3, 296-pound tackle by trade, size and athleticism, especially against the run.

* Safety Ty-Meer Brown is undergoing x-rays on a bum shoulder. He is day-to-day and his status will be evaluated as the week goes in. Same with C Alex Mateas, who injured his ankle but remains able to play.

* Good stuff from my colleague Desmond Connor at the Courant. He caught up with AD Warde Manuel at Bradley when we all got off the plane. Of course, I was off first and was halfway home.