UConn stays at No. 3 in AP poll

By Carl Adamec

The University of Connecticut remained at No. 3 in the Associated Press women’s basketball poll released Monday.

The top four, actually, stayed the same. Baylor received 34-of-40 first-place votes and was No. 1 for the second straight week. Second-ranked Notre Dame got one first-place vote and 948 points while the Huskies received two first-place votes and 914 points. Duke, the only unbeaten team in the country, was fourth with three first-place votes and 907 points. Kentucky moved up one spot to round out the top five.

After three volatile weeks, there’s a little stability at least at the top of weekly Adamec Top 10.

1. Baylor (14-1). Defending national champion Bears making it look easy in Big 12 play.

2. Notre Dame (14-1). After surviving overtime against South Florida, Irish rout Rutgers.

3. UConn (14-1). The Huskies hope ankle injuries to Bria Hartley and Breanna Stewart aren’t long-term issues.

4. Duke (15-0). There are some good teams in the ACC but the Blue Devils haven’t played any of them yet.

5. Kentucky (15-1). Wildcats slip by Texas A&M and then hammer Missouri.

6. Penn State (13-2). Lady Lions wallop a decent Nebraska team by 22.

7. Stanford (14-2). Cardinal split home-and-home with California-Berkeley with both winning on road.

8. California (13-2). Bears win at Maples Pavilion and end Stanford’s 81-game Pac 12 winning streak

9. Tennessee (13-3). Lady Vols escape Gainesville with an overtime win.

10. Oklahoma (14-2). Coach Sherri Coale doing masterful job with injury-plagued Sooners.


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